Curiosity  Family  Story

The Curiosity Town, full of fairy tales and curiosities. There lived 11 little animals, clever gosling Rocky, wise boy Davin, good cop Jonny, gourmet Lucas, naughty Uba, happy fireman Andrey, lively and lovely girl Sophie, tall girl Maria, brave boy Alex, engineer Tim and singer Sally.

In the Curiosity Town, children can play with the Curiosity Family. They live happily every day and do eveything what they like to do. In the next few days, let's explore interesting things with our friends.  And how to help Curiosity Town's friends? Let's hurry and visit the Curiosity Town!

Hello everyone! I'm Rocky. I am a clever and cheerful gosling.
My father told me that detective is a great person. I want to be a great detective when I grow up, so I can help more little friends.
Hello everyone!
My name is Andrey.
Hello! My name is Andrey.
I'm a helpful and happy fireman.I like this job because it can contribute a little more to the curious town. Keep the fire fighting equipment in the town every day.
So you kids can not play with fire!
Hello everyone! This is Uba. Hello, I'm Uba.
I'm the most naughty one in the Curiousity Family, and my dream is to be an athlete. Running is my favorite sport. For good health, let's do some exercises together!
Hello everyone!
My name is Sally!
Everybody calls me Sally,
I love to dress up and have a little proud.
I like singing very much. Music makes me happy every day.

Hello everyone! I am Tim. Hello ! My name is Tim.
I am cheerful, pragmatic, curious, many houses in the town are covered by me.
My dream is to be an excellent engineer.
Hello everyone!
My name is Lucas.
Hello, my name is Lucas.
I look a big fat, but I'm not lazy at all. The dessert I made was very popular.

Hello everyone! This is Maria.Hello, everyone. My name is Maria.
I am tall and my friends call me tough girl, but my heart is gentle and willing to help others.
My dream is to be a doctor.
Hello everyone!
My name is Alex.
I'm the Curiousity Town mayor, Alex.
I am just and brave, and I am very solemn in daily life. In fact, I am very kind and loveing life.
When the partners have a dispute, I will appear at the first time.
Hello everyone! I am Sophie.My little friends say " I'm a girl next door".
I like drawing very much. Painting allows me to record the good things around me.
Dear, do you like painting?
Hello everyone!
My name is Davin.
Hello, my name is Davin.
Everyone says that Davin is talented. The reason is that I love reading since I was young. How about you?
Being a teacher is my dream, I will teach you some knowledge.

Hello everyone! This is Jonny.My name is Jonny.
I dream of being a good cop in the eyes of all.But the reality that I am very playful and often help out.
Now I have found my problem. I will try my best to correct my mistake and make my dream come true.